When heavy feels light.


Relax and Recharge Anytime, Anywhere

The TLEX® Flow App helps you practice mindfulness, reduce stress, and boost your performance at work.


We encourage you to choose a habit or behavior you’d like to change in your daily life (e.g., do a mindfulness exercise daily) or something you don’t want to do anymore (e.g., stop having dinner with the mobile phone on the table).

Follow the steps and start your transformational journey TODAY!

Personalized Experience

You can name your challenge, describe what will you do or not for the next 21 days, describe why you want to do it and set a start date.

Specially designed content

You can use the TLEX® Flow App at work, at your desk, as well as in your free time to bring yourself to a state of relaxed awareness.

Guided Mindfulness (audio)

Each mindfulness exercise focuses on a different theme. Benefits: relaxation, regained focus and improve sleep.

Mindful Meetings (audio)

Unique to the TLEX App, this section includes guided exercises for starting meetings in a mindful way and to practice micro-moments of mindfulness throughout the working day.

Micro Moments (audio)

Helps to improve focus and awareness to quickly “reset the mind” and keep going.

Desktop stretching (video)

These exercises can be done while sitting at the desk. They help to relax and to prevent backpain and headaches.

Offline version

Enjoy all content and benefits also when you are offline.


TLEX® offers experiential and fun learning and integrated frameworks so employees can perform under high complexity and demand with greater collaboration and innovation. TLEX® has facilitated trainings and talks to nearly 30,000 employees, with over 200 organizational clients in 30 countries across the globe.


“Cooper Investors has had a first-rate results from the TLEX system. I would recommend it to any high performance, people-based organization. What I loved about TLEX were the techniques that helped build a more open, creative, dynamic culture, as well as supporting individuals to be calmer, centered and more decisive by focusing on the ‘signal not the noise’. I attribute much of my personal growth and communication to the work I have done with TLEX.”

Peter Cooper

CIO and Founder of Cooper Investors, Australia

“I really enjoyed this workshop and felt it was the best use of my time. The workshop is powerful and impactful. It’s one of the best trainings I have ever done at Microsoft and it has improved the quality of my output at work and at home tremendously!“

Director of Program Management


“I attended Mind Matters Program in May 2020. The content as well as the delivery of this program refuted my expectations of mindfulness being “pink and fluffy stuff”!  It is a very solid and transformational course that helped me click on the pause button and look inwards. It helped me to explore my internal locus of control: something that I could not have done on my own. I am planning to introduce this to my colleagues!.”


Director Multi-National Bank, Singapore

“During the Founders Academy by Google for Startups, it was amazing how the trainers managed to deliver the packed agenda within the timeline while enabling participants to go deeper on a given topic. They delivered us the answers, pure wisdom for me.”

Tom Horecki

CEO @Weimpact.Ai, Poland

“I realised on the program how important my own emotional quotient can be in shaping my workplace environment. At an organisational level, how employees feel defines its culture as well. The workshop had exercises designed to stimulate self introspection and awareness. The big plus being the SKY technique. Glad to add, this has been the most impactful, persisting corporate training I have attended. I look forward to doing more TLEX workshops in future.”

Prityush Khanna

Business Consultant, Telstra, Australia

“I attended the Mind Matters program in February 2020 and found it an incredible experience. Mindfulness in our current day and age is more important than ever and with my company's support I attended this class and found it very helpful in providing tangible, applicable tools that I can implement on a daily basis. The content covered not only personal stress management techniques but also conflict resolution strategies. I would highly recommend this course to anybody who is interested in improving their interpersonal skills and improve their stress management skills.” 

Polly Mahapatra

System Engineer, Chevron Australia

Everyone knows that in sports, it is not only the physical ability but the mental ability to control your emotion that decides who wins and who loses. I did a course with TLEX that thought me how to breathe and how to center myself, how to perform better under stress. I would not want to miss it.

Heinz Günthardt

Wimbledon Winner


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